The market did not need another gutter guard, the market needed a better gutter guard. Universal Manufacturing & Design created ONE Gutter Guard™ to solve the shortfalls of all the existing gutter guards on the market. Our product design had two goals. Provide CHOICE and redefine the definition of QUALITY. This twin design philosophy is what guided us to think outside of the box to create ONE Gutter Guard™. Other companies use the “one size fits all” approach with their products to the point where everything looks the same. We did not want to design another generic gutter guard. We believe innovation is what the gutter guard market needed and ONE Gutter Guard™ is the perfect embodiment of innovation.


We did not want to stop at creating the best gutter guard, we wanted to redefine the meaning of customer service. We conducted market research and installers told us they dislike forced minimum purchases and ever changing daily prices. Homeowners told us they want clear product and installation prices without the high pressure sales tactics. We listened and that is why you can expect clear and consistent prices when you contact us.


When our authorized dealers give you a price estimate for installation of ONE Gutter Guard™, you can expect a fair and competitive price estimate the first time. Our dealers do not give you an outrageously high first price estimate, then immediately and substantially cut your price estimate 10 minutes later only to keep cutting it until they find a price that makes you sign an installation contract on the spot. That is a classic price gouging technique used by high pressure sales organizations. Our dealers will provide you with a price estimate and leave your home. Take all the time you need to decide and ask us as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with our product. Any company that has sales representatives that sit in your kitchen and will not leave until you sign their contract is only concerned with their needs, not yours!


Our engineering team is second to none with deep gutter guard industry experience and product knowledge. That is why we could develop a patent pending best gutter guard on the market. Whether you are a commercial or residential installer, or a homeowner that likes DIY projects, our engineering team can help you select the right gutter guard. We have the engineering expertise to make you a custom ONE Gutter Guard™.


ONE Gutter Guard™is exclusively designed by and 100% owned by Universal Manufacturing & Design. We are not affiliated with any other company. We manufacture ONE Gutter Guard™ in Tampa, FL. To control quality and ensure our high standards are being met, we do not allow any other company or dealer to modify our product. Our management team are seasoned business leaders with a mindset of give customers the best possible product combined with outstanding customer service. You will find working with us to be friendly, professional, and collaborative. We do not believe in high pressure sales tactics and making our customers buy things they do not need or want. There is only ONE Gutter Guard™, be sure to ask for it by name.

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